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Dental Crowns

At Repton Dental Studio, we understand that many of our patients feel self-conscious about the condition of their teeth. But fear not! We’re here to help you achieve a smile you’re happy with and proud to show off to the world.

Teeth can become misshapen, discoloured, or weakened by damage. That’s where a crown, or cap, comes in. Our porcelain crowns will restore the strength, shape and natural colour of your teeth. Whether you want to improve the appearance of a tooth, hold a bridge or denture in place, or protect a tooth after root canal treatment, trust our dental experts to advise you on the best option.

Our crowns may be completely made of porcelain for a completely natural look, and temporary crowns will support you whilst your perfect permanent solution is being crafted. Once it’s ready, fitting your custom crown is a quick and simple process for our professionals.

With proper care, your crown will withstand the test of time. Just like your other teeth, continue to maintain good oral hygiene and cleanliness around the crown, with expert advice from your dentist.

Why Repton Dental Studio for Dental Crowns?

Repton Dental Studio located in Ashford (Kent) offers an award-winning smile that will undoubtedly turn heads. Our dental team comprises of highly skilled professionals who cater to all your dental needs while actively listening to your concerns, providing tailor-made solutions that match your preferences and budgets.

We use state-of-the-art technologies to deliver results beyond your expectations. Our affordable payment plans ensure that you can get a confidence-boosting smile without breaking the bank. Plus, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have about your treatment.

Get in touch with Repton Dental Studio today and experience unparalleled service for dental crowns that sets us miles apart from any other dental practice.

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Fees & Plans

We offer 0% finance via Tabeo. This enables you to split the cost of a course of treatment over 9- or 12-months interest free.

Think you may need a Dental Crown?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will require two appointments; on your first visit we will numb the tooth to be crowned, and then gently file a very thin layer of enamel from all surfaces of the tooth to create a ‘peg’ shape. We then take impressions which are sent to a laboratory to construct your made to measure tooth. We then provide you with a temporary crown; this is not only for cosmetic purposes but also helps to secure the safety of the ‘peg’ ready for your final crown to be fitted. The final fitting is completed on your second appointment.

If you have had local anaesthetic for your crown preparation appointment, you will be numb for a couple of hours. We advise being very careful during this period as it is very easy to burn yourself with hot food and drinks. It will be best to wait for the numbing to wear off before having anything too hot. Once your crown is fitted, we recommend just waiting 30
to 45 minutes before eating.

We advise to be careful when eating sticky and chewy foods on your crown, however you may eat to your comfort level after the local anaesthetic has worn off.

Yes, absolutely. We advise all patients to clean their crowns as they would their own teeth, including interdental cleaning such as flossing. This is because you can still develop decay around the margins on the crown on your own natural tooth, and you can develop gum disease, so it is vital you continue your good oral hygiene routine.

We kindly request you are cautious around any temporary crown, or newly fitted permanent crown to allow for the adhesive to set for the first 24 hours. Long term please try to avoid foods such as sticky toffees.

If looked after, crowns can last many years. More often, patients must have them removed due to decay under the crown margins than a crown fracturing. Sometimes, they may come loose or de-cemented. Please keep it safe, and so long as there is no damage we should be able to recement it for you.

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